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dear diary,

Dear Lovely Diary, (17th January, 1489)

as i venture out, towards the now unknown world of today. i am
greeted to the cold, howling wind. the place is deserted except for those
fatuous people who've no idea, what will happen if they stay? the plague will get them and the

crowded places are not safe. Although, i did visit my relative, Poor person, got the plague.
her glands already swollen and turning to a deathly black colour, i could see the genuine fear

spreading on her face. She was utterly bedridden, stuck on the bed.
The churches are filled with priest, claiming they will cleanse us of our sins.
I think there starting to make a living, and cheating the system. Although, not many see that.
But anyways, i must now leave the group to travel to a isolated place and i can try and withstand this horrible disease
i passes by another one, who was swelling on places and aching everywhere, i passes by him and said a prayer. Helping him, would be a death sentence. I felt my conscience already full.
what do i do ?

until then diary . Love - Johnnny John John.

picture used - http://media.photobucket.com/image/scared/goldark1984/Avatars/Scared.gif

how do you use this thing ? my birthday is soon :D

welcome children
welcome everybody. to my journal! its hot...


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